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Companies accused of inconveniencing, misleading or injuring their customers can face a class action lawsuits. But many consumers don't even know they are owed money.

Carol Mason could be seeing green after her outdoor deck's brown boards turned to black.

Under terms of a class action, she may be entitled to $400.

“I think consumers would be very surprised at just how many class action lawsuits they were a part of,” said Joe Ridout with Consumer Action.

Ridout said hundreds of suits are filed each year to essentially "punish" companies for misleading customers and if someone has bought a product, odds are they are entitled to class action cash.

But it's estimated less than 10 percent of eligible consumers "claim" their share of these settlements so Consumer Action has created a database to help consumers collect.

Current payouts range from 50 cents for anyone who bought a Starbucks breakfast sandwich last summer to "thousands" of dollars for those compromised by the 2014 Home Depot data breach.

Here is the website where consumer action lists class action suits: